About Us

Murphys Salvage & Demolition


We are a family owned business operating form Baranduda in Victoria.
Baranduda is situated approximately 6 km’s from Wodonga on the Victoria/ New South Wales Border.
We have approximately 4 acres of materials that we recycle and on sell to the public.
We employ between 8 – 20 employees at any given time depending on workload .
We are a business that is always trying to improve the way we do things and are committed to training of employees and development of our skill set.
We are committed to the environment and work very hard to carry out all works to Australian standards and codes of practice.
We also carry out all works in line with EPA requirements.
Recycling is a key to our business as landfills fill up and tipping costs increase we are committed to working on recycling and salvaging of materials so the future of our planet can be sustained for our families.

Our Licences include:

  • Demolition medium rise Victoria
  • Demolition medium rise NSW
  • Asbestos Removal Class B Victoria
  • Asbestos Removal Class B NSW
  • EPA Transport Vic/ NSW

    We are prepared to work wherever and whenever, from small to large jobs and employ local people.
    When we travel for jobs I am more than happy to employ people from the area we are working in.
    We are a business that supports the local community ranging from sporting clubs, Special needs children and Scout Groups.
    We hold all required insurances and licences to complete your job requirements