Asbestos Removal

Murphy’s Salvage & Demolition are licensed to carry out Asbestos removal in Vic & NSW.
We are licensed to carry out non friable Asbestos.
All employees carrying out asbestos removal are fully trained and ticketed to carry out Asbestos removal.
We strive to be the best at what we do and are always looking at ways to improve.
All safety precautions are taken when removing and disposing of asbestos and public safety is paramount in what we do.
All works are carried out in accordance with OH&S regulations and National Codes of Practice.

To give you an insight into the basic procedure for an asbestos removal.
I will show the procedure we run through.

  • Notify relevant state authority prior to works starting (Vic 5 days & NSW 7 days).
  • Notify neighbouring properties.
  • Fill out Control Plan and SWMS which includes client name, supervisor, amount of asbestos, Destination of waste, equipment to be used, copy of health checks for removalists (must be done every 2 years), Decontamination procedures, PPE to be used, Log books for respirators, Logbooks for HEPA Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Removal of asbestos, taking all care to remove as whole sheets where possible. Minimal breakage is preferred. Spraying down sheets with 10% PVA 90% water mix as the removal process takes place.

    Workers are suited up in Full PPE.
    Which includes: Type 6 coveralls, gloves, Half Face respirators, Safety Glasses, Pull on boots (no laces), Clean shaven faces (for good seal of respirator).

    After removal of sheets all wall frames are denailed and vacuumed as are all wall cavities.
    All areas are then sprayed down and sealed with PVA Glue/ water mix.
    Then all areas are wet wiped. All tools used are wiped down and vacuumed. All PPE is disposed of and double bagged in bags clearly marked and dispose as asbestos waste.

    Disposal of waste is then carried out to Licensed EPA Landfills. This is done in a vehicle with an EPA Permit, by a driver with a licence to cart Asbestos.

    Prior to anyone accessing the site a clearance is carried out by an independent person to confirm that works have been carried out to Australian Standards.