MURPHY’S SALVAGE & DEMOLITION IS LICENSED in Victorian & NSW for both demolition and asbestos removal.
When conducting demolition works we are very aware of the environment. Thus each job we do we look to recycle approximately 90% of each job.
For example all concrete is crushed and re-used for road base.
Bricks are cleaned and re-sold to public.
Roof tiles are crushed.
Roofing iron, steel, copper, aluminium, brass are all salvaged either for re-sale or recycling as scrap.
All re-usable timber is salvaged, denailed, packed up for re-sale to public.
All damaged timbers are sued for fire wood and or chipped for mulch.
Internal fittings such as Doors, windows, lights, kitchens, sinks, baths etc are salvage for re-sale.